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We are on mission to leave a trace of God’s love everywhere we go.

Have you noticed that we don’t see people anymore? We are enamored with our cell phones, our schedules always have us in a rush, and we seem to be walking around with blinders on. In this vicious cycle we overlook our neighbors, our kids, spouses, and even the condition of our own soul. But what if…? What if we started to see people again? What if we made ourselves available once again and started living interruptible lives?
With a foundation built on Jesus, we want to leave a Trace of God’s love everywhere we go, but it starts with seeing people again (not dead people like in the “Sixth Sense,” that would be creepy). We believe this simple but very significant mission will bring about change, the kind of change that families need, cities need, and our churches need. Come join our mission and watch how simple changes can make a significant difference.